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The FACE Collection



The full collection of Inner Senses Facial Oils, allowing you to tailor-make your skincare to meet the varying needs of your skin; by day, by night, by season, by desire


Glow Facial Oil    A nourishing and rejuvenating skin superfood, packed with organic nutrients and the beautiful aroma of Orange Flowers. Suitable for all skin types, light and easily absorbed,  GLOW can be used morning and evening to maintain a healthy complexion                             

Rose Precious Facial Oil    A luxurious and concentrated blend of the finest active Rose essences and organic nutrients to nourish, tone, revive and hydrate dry, ageing and tired complexions.           

Deep Blue C Facial Oil     A daily treatment oil specifically formulated to help manage, prevent and heal oily, breakout-prone and sensitive skin            

Reset Facial Elixir   An advanced formulation to support the skin in fighting the effects of pollutants and stress. Reset hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, helping to reduce visible signs of ageing   


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