Hi, I'm Yasmine, a 26 year old skincare enthusiast from Belgium. I've been intruiged by makeup and skincare for as long as I can remember and after my study (orthomolecular nutritionist) I made the switch to a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Since then I've become really passionate about green skincare and the journey to find what really works has been a long one! Other passions of mine are art, photography, marketing and writing so in 2014 I launched my blog Mienelien to bundle up my biggest passions. My aim is to help others discover what really worke and answer any possible questions. I share mostly my tried and trusted skincare products but you can also find some delicious food recipes. Besides my blog I'm mostly active on Instagram (@mienelienable) because I love to share what's new and I love nothing more than  connecting with other green beauty enthusiasts.