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What people are saying about our Rose Precious Face Oil:

"I really enjoyed using Inner Senses Rose Precious Face Oil which is suitable for dry/ageing and tired skin. The scent is absolutely beautiful. The oil uplifts both the skin and senses. Reviving and nourishing it leaves the skin looking glowy and cared for. This was a new to me brand and I'll definitely look at other items in the range. My skin is combination/ageing." BEAUTY BALM

"The first thing I noticed about the Rose Precious Face Oil was the colour, it is a beautiful deep amber. This product also has a lovely light rose scent, which is not at all overpowering and makes it very pleasant to use. I used the oil daily for three weeks and found it to be very hydrating and nourishing which is ideal for my dehydrated and stressed skin, which can also be sensitive. Because the oil is a concentrated formula and you only need a few drops, the 30ml bottle will last for many months. I look forward to further exploring this brand." SUSIE@NOURISHMEWITHGREEN


What people are saying about our Glow Face Oil:

"I love this face oil!! I have combination skin which has a tendency to break out - yet it has been a dream since using this oil as my daily moisturiser (It could be due to some other lifestyle change, who knows?) but as far as I am concerned my skin loves this oil, which makes me very very happy!! It has great ingredients and is great under make up as it's lightweight and easily sinks into the skin when applied with a circular motion. The smell did take a little bit of getting used too as it's a bit stronger than I'd usually use. But don't even notice it anymore. I will definitely repurchase." SIOBHAN DEVINE


What people are saying about our Tranquil Body Oil:

"Inner senses tranquil body oil Really great body oil feels light, silky and luxury. My skin type is relatively dry but the oil moisturized my skin nicely and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight, I use it alone or under my normal body lotion. The scent is lovely and calming and helped with my anxiety, in the bottle it seemed quite strong but on the skin it is perfect. The body oil has also seemed to evened out my skin and calmed the redness. So all in all a perfect body oil." JULIE, OBLClub

"I love this body oil as it is a perfect combination of a stress relieving scent and a nourishing, skin loving substance. It sinks into the skin really nicely, but not entirely, and sits on top of it just enough to make sure your skin stays moisturised. It really does do a great job as my skin felt smooth even hours later. It felt like it didn't need anything else. The bottle has a nozzle that dispenses just the right amount so you don't use any more than what's really needed. The only thing that could make the oil better is more beautiful packaging, but that's just me nitpicking " KASIA, OBLClub


What people are saying about our Vitality Body Oil:

"I've been using the Vitality body oil for almost 3 weeks now and as I have quite dry skin, especially on my legs, I've been happy to see that the Vitality oil works amazing on keeping them smooth all day. The smell is very uplifting, unique and doesn't fade. For someone who doesn't wear perfume this is a huge plus! I especially liked the way that it goes on your skin and gives you a luxurious feeling after a shower. The texture, once on the body, is not too oily and doesn't leave your skin sticky." VERA, OBL CLUB

"The Inner Senses Vitality Body oil is a lovely product. I'd describe the texture as a dry oil, because it absorbs so easily leaving a lovely glow. I have extremely dry skin, especially on my legs where I am also struggling with eczema. Unfortunately the oil isn't nourishing enough for my legs, but it works great on my arms and torso where it leaves a lovey scent behind that lingers for a couple of hours. It's not your standard warm and sweet orange and vanilla citrus scent. It's more of a citrus and green garden after rain scent, which I think is both refreshing and uplifting." MARIJE, OBL CLUB