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Gloria, UK


I'm a very resourceful, dedicated and focused career-minded individual. I am manager in a health care home where I love working with people with learning disabilities and Autism.  I'm happily married to the love of my life . I always see the positive in people no matter how bad they seem. It doesn't take a lot to please me, Little things touch my soul and make me happy

I'm the creative creator behind lambamsworld . Lambamsworld was born out of my passion to educate , enhance, build a community, inspire and to entertain at the same time . It's an inspirational blog focusing on Beauty, healthy wellness, life, lifestyle and also on personal development. Lambamsworld blog encourages readers to embrace life to its fullest by getting knowledge of so many things . Self development and self love is a mission close to my heart and I want to use my platforms to create awareness . Also My blog educate readers to be aware of natural products to revitalise skin to be more radiant and also to bring out confidence . My blog is a positive hearted blog filled with random things I love and am deeply passionate about .

I Love music so much it's just like a soul food to me every time. I love reading books, most especially Inspirational and personal development books because my whole life is a testimony. I Love Beauty and fashion but more into organic beauty and natural aromatherapy wellbeing products. I fell in love with Jasmine since I was a little girl. I Love body oils. I also love hosting people and putting smiles on people's face as this gives me so much joy and satisfaction.