My name’s Emma and I’m a 27 year old English Literature graduate from the UK. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years reading beauty blogs and one day, I decided to start my very own. Beauty Folio was born in the Summer of 2016 and has allowed me to share my thoughts on some great, and not so great, beauty products and brands.

I first started using natural beauty products just over 18 months ago, as not only did I notice a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin but I also began to take note of the ingredients within the beauty products I had previously purchased. After discovering how synthetic ingredients in our beauty routines could damage our health, as well as the environment around us, I decided to change to a completely natural beauty routine. It may have taken me 18 months, but I can now say that all of my haircare, make-up and skincare products are natural and 100% cruelty free - and my skin and hair have never looked better!

 Beauty Folio certainly captures my passion for green beauty, as I love to share product reviews and give advice to allow my followers to get the best out of their beauty routines. I ensure that everything I feature has been tried and tested for a good amount of time so you know exactly how a product performs on a long term basis.  

When i’m not blogging or trying out new natural beauty goodies, you’ll find me reading a book or playing with my black labrador Jake.