My name is Bryanna, and five years ago I took my first step into the world of green living. I first began my journey in 2012 when I discovered how little regulation there actually was on pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the United States. I began to investigate the effects of various ingredients on both the body and on the environment, and it all snowballed from there.  Now I try to make informed and responsible decisions on a daily basis, from limiting my involvement with plastics to knowing what is in each of the products I use. 

I have learned so much, and I started my blog to share that knowledge with others. Part of my mission with The ecoLogical is to help educate and inform, which is why I cover everything from ethical subscription boxes, beauty brand reviews, ingredient breakdowns, and and bigger issues like the plastic bag ban.  I want to help demystify this thing called 'ethical living' and make it understandable, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.  I also like to think sharing my thoughts on The ecoLogical also helps keep me accountable, as I have a community around me to correct me when I am wrong and even guide me towards additional ethical changes.   

If you are looking for tips, advice, or just want a place to browse for ideas and pass the time in a friendly space, I would love if you stopped by The ecoLogical or any of my associated social media accounts.  Feel free to say hello and ask any questions you have!     You can find me over on the following platforms, and I would love if you joined me!