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About Lisa

Inspiration can be found in so many different parts of your life, we seek it out and crave it to help us on our journey. My inspiration came over 25 years ago, when my curiosity luckily brought me to the only book in our local library about the ancient tradition of Aromatherapy.

I became transfixed and intrigued with the methods and ingredients. This thirst for knowledge coupled with an ambition to enrich people’s lives and wellbeing was the start of a wonderful personal journey.

Before the huge modern trends of healthy living, regulated Aromatherapy courses were uncommon and the practice unheard of. I scoured the country and found the Sandra Day School of Aromatherapy, where I certified my love and completed my advanced diploma in 1992.

I love to share and teach, and I wanted to pass on the qualities and benefits of Aromatherapy, both personally and professionally to others. Whilst teaching at the Manchester School of Massage, I shared my knowledge in some of the earliest training sessions with NHS nurses, helping them to understand the benefits and values of Aromatherapy. With this, I also learnt about the evidential and clinical importance in alternative treatments.

Wanting to enhance my experience beyond the UK I had the opportunity to teach and spread the word of Aromatherapy on the white shores of Barbados. Living on a farm whilst teaching, I embraced nature, attending the Jasmine plants and Aloe Vera that grew in it’s grounds. From this developed an understanding of the ingredients and the importance of their provenance.

Whilst teaching and practicing for over 25 years, I have also been recognised as an award winning author and invitational guest speaker at leading industry events. Alongside this, I have also been personally hand blending pure plant based and natural aromatherapy wellbeing products. This is how Innersenses began. A perfect blend of 25 years industry experience, a curiosity to source nature’s finest ingredients and a passion to share.

Inner senses reaches back to honour those precious apothecary traditions, combining my knowledge and passion with a holistic approach to your personal wellbeing. All of our products are free from parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives. We value provenance and use only the purest, most ethically sourced ingredients which are vegan and cruelty free.

My vision, for myself and Innersenses, is to carry on spreading the word of aromatherapy and to continue to be an essential ingredient in your own personal wellbeing and happiness.

Lisa Basso

Managing Director, Innersenses


Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma 1992
BSc. (Hons) Psych 2001
International Society of Professional Aromatherapists 1992
International Federation of Aromatherapists 2017
Innersenses is a member (154) of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC)