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Face Collection

Naturally potent and supremely nourishing, Inner Senses face oils are able to deeply penetrate the skin, delivering gentle yet potent nutrients such as Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9), vitamins and minerals to the skin's deepest layers, repairing and protecting from deep within and contributing towards a healthy skin barrier.

We like to keep abreast with the most innovative plant based ingredients around, whilst always remaining faithful to our roots and respect for the ancient wisdom of Aromatherapy and nature's precious oils

Our face oils - made with the finest quality organic cold-pressed vegetable and plant based oils from around the globe - are easily absorbed and non-greasy, readily penetrating the skin to  provide you with a daily facial treatment which is so much more than simply moisturising. 

Full of fresh, vibrant and active ingredients, our face oils are aromatic delights; indulging the senses, they are rich and decadent, yet true to our belief in uncomplicated, natural, gentle yet effective skincare.