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Face Masks

EARTH [uncountable  noun];  The substance on the land surface of the earth, for example clay or sand, in which plants grow  -  Collins English Dictionary


Able to nurture the development of a flower from tiny seed to full bloom, earth in all its forms nourishes the flora (plant life) with an abundance of nutrients sufficient to support life and growth. It is the supreme bearer of energy and facilitator of healthy growth, and this forms the basis of Quiet Earth and Vibrant Earth powder masks.

Complementary yet opposing in both ingredients and therapeutic effect, Quiet Earth and Vibrant Earth are 100% natural, active clay-based powder masks representing the concept of Yin and Yang and whose pairing helps achieve a perfectly balanced skin.

Face masks are an essential in every skincare routine. They deep cleanse, remove impurities, exfoliate and prepare the skin to receive moisturisers, oils and serums more readily.

Our powder face masks are easy to mix with water (or floral hydrosol) into a smooth paste, and are simply applied to the face and left to work their magic before being rinsed off.

Relax, Indulge. Nurture.