Nature's magic – 6 ways to use body oils

Here at Inner Senses, we are proud of our roots in aromatherapy and want to ensure that we provide the very best natural oils for the skin. Alongside the desire for natural and organic skincare products, we want to give you some insights on the world of natural oils. In this article, our Brand Ambassador, Bryanna, sheds some light on how to use body oils.

6 ways to use body oils

As a brand ambassador at Inner Senses, we recommend the following six ways for using natural oils on the skin.

1. Use on the body

The label doesn't say “body oil” for no reason, of course. One of my favourite ways of applying Inner Senses’ gorgeous blends is as a full body treatment.

Just a few pumps is all you need for a super moisturising and indulgent experience that leaves your skin feeling totally revitalised. I love how soft and smooth my arms and legs feel after massaging this liquid gold in, especially after a shower. The natural oils transform my skin and help my skin feel glowing all year long – it's a moment of luxury every time!

2. Try it on your hair

Whether you have long flowing mermaid hair or a short bob, Inner Senses’ oils can provide your locks with a much needed boost whenever you need.

I love taking a single pump and gently combing it through with my fingers after a shower to add some more nourishment and shine. However, you can also use natural oils as a styling product. The oils can help tame frizz, add some extra bounce and definition to curls, or be added to your shampoo to create an extra gentle wash. If you're struggling with thinning and damage, these can even double up as a hot oil treatment for your scalp.

Plus, the delicate smell lingers so you can catch the soothing scent throughout the day. 

3. Use it as a perfume

Who needs more bottles taking up space on the shelves when you have a beautiful naturally scented oil on hand that can add a lovely dose of fragrance to your life already?

Not only do Inner Senses creations offer skincare benefits, but they also hold aromatherapeutic qualities that can heal the mind and spirit. I adore slowly breathing in these blends, and I find myself sniffing my wrists after applying just to get another fix. Even better, they don't cause me sneezing fits like high street perfumes do!

4. A massage oil

Need a de-stress? Inner Senses oils are ideal for inspiring calm, especially when incorporated into a mid-week massage!

Their blends glide so easily across the skin, so they really are perfect for easing muscles, unwinding after a long day, and creating a tranquil oasis at home. How about using the Awakening Meditative Body Oil?

As the oil is nourishing without being overly heavy, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I think that this is the perfect pick, especially when paired with the super soothing scents. As you breathe in, you feel as if all of your aches and pains are being rubbed away. In no time you feel totally restored, and super soft skin is added in as a bonus.

5. Use the natural oils on your nails

Of course you want to treat yourself using natural oils for the skin, but don't forget to treat your nails too from time to time!

By applying a little bit of Inner Senses around the cuticle and the nail bed, you can condition the area and reinforce, shine, and strengthen all in one go! Regular use can actually help prompt growth as well as toughen up the nail plate (meaning fewer hangnails and breaks!), and it's so easy. Just rub the oil in and let it absorb, and nature will work its magic!

6. Use it in the bath and shower

Ever tried combining your favourite oil with warm water? This is a great way to use body oils for skin as the steam can help create a sauna-like experience that also adds moisture to your whole body at the same time!

I love applying a little Inner Senses oil right before a shower and having the trickling flow melt it away and lift the gorgeous aroma into the air. Or why not try adding a little splash to your bath so you can have a soak in the restorative ingredients.

How to use body oil

If you’re one of those people who were wondering how to use body oil, this article should have given you some insight in the breadth and depth of possibilities with oils. While you can use body oils for skin, there are so many other ways you can enrich your body with natural oils.

Of course there are other creative uses for Inner Senses oils, as nature provides limitless possibilities with the ingredients it provides us with. What are some of your go to applications??

This article was written by our Brand Ambassador, Bryanna - @bskye7