5 Ways to Improve your Autumn Self-Care Routine

This year has been challenging to say the least and our beauty self-care routines have become more important than ever...

A self-care routine is often associated with improving our appearance, however, it is incredibly beneficial for our physical and mental health too. We can easily get so caught up in the challenges and pressures of daily life that we forget our own wellbeing. This makes it hard to fit in that all-important me-time that is often elusive and can be very difficult to incorporate into our busy lives. From this important me-time spent indulging in your hobbies, to the implementation of an autumn skincare routine, it is crucial to take time to yourself to prevent yourself from burning out. As the Autumn brings darker nights and cooler weather, we’ve got 5 easy ways to improve your self-care routine to help your mental and physical wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

1 - An Essential Oil for Every Occasion

As we spend more time indoors, whether it be hiding from the changeable weather, working from home or just socialising less than usual, our homes are a space where we often find ourselves working where we rest - which can make it difficult to switch off or maintain our focus.

Essential oils in a diffuser, body oil, or pulse point oil can really help us get in the zone, whether it be unwinding in the evenings, encouraging concentration or energising the senses on a grey day. When taking a few moments for self-care, a relaxing, calming blend can help you to switch off from daily challenges and help with your overall wellbeing.

Key essential oils are lavender, neroli, chamomile, and ylang-ylang, but there are so many options to explore that you are certain to find one that will be your go-to for relaxation.

2 - Hydration, Hydration, Hydration…

It can be very difficult to drink water as the cooler weather arrives, yet with the central heating being turned up over the coming months, our bodies will really need the extra hydration. Water not only hydrates our skin from the inside out but also helps keep our minds alert and the cells within our bodies functioning better - a vital part of any self-care routine.

As the cooler weather hits, a great way to increase your water intake is to drink hot herbal or fruit teas that are caffeine-free or simply add a slice of fruit to make water a little more palatable during the cooler months. As well as keeping our bodies hydrated on the inside, switching your skincare for more hydrating formulations can also help the effects of the harsher weather on your skin. Look out for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin if you find your skin feels dry or tight throughout the day. If you are spending more time at home with the heating on, use a humidifier or small bowls of water around the room to help moisten the air.

3 - Pamper Time

Taking time out of your day to give yourself some me-time can sometimes seem like a major task but taking at least 10 minutes can really help our mental and physical health.

Whether it be a soak in the bath, applying a face mask, indulging in your beauty skincare routine, going for a walk, or reading a chapter of your favourite book, these moments of self-indulgence will promote a relaxed mind, body and soul.

4. The importance of Sleep

Lack of sleep not only affects our mood and ability to function throughout the day but can also lead to greater feelings of anxiety and stress. Getting into a good bedtime routine is a great start, so dedicating time to your skincare routine, for example, will not only help your skin repair and rejuvenate overnight (they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!), but it will also help you relax before getting into bed.

If getting to sleep is your problem then you are not alone, with 1 in 4 Brits admitting they find it difficult to drift off to sleep. Using a body massage oil before getting into bed can really help to relax your body and mind. I enjoy using Inner Senses Dream Body Oil within my own bedtime routine as not only is the aroma perfect for calming the mind but the nourishing oil is also highly absorbent so won’t mark your bedsheets.

Finally, remember to ditch the phone from your bedtime routine. The blue light from your phone screen (and other electronic devices) has been scientifically proven to disturb sleep patterns. Try reading a book or journaling before bed to help unwind and quieten the mind so you can drift off and get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

5 - Digital Detox

We live in a world where our phones have become a gateway to all aspects of our lives from social media, banking and shopping to catching up with your favourite tv shows, video calling loved ones, or organising your schedule.

There is always an email to send, DM to respond to and then three hours later you’ve found yourself down the rabbit hole of dog videos, memes, and following your neighbour's cat on Instagram. Take a few hours away from your phone each day to enjoy the world and people around you, or simply reflect upon your achievements of the day (no matter how small they are).

We are constantly comparing ourselves, and our lives, to the perfection we see on social media which isn’t good for our mental health, self-esteem, or self-care routine. Take some time for yourself - there is only one you, and you deserve to look and feel at your best with a self-care routine that will improve all aspects of your life.

We hope these tips help to improve your self-care routine as we transition from Autumn to Winter.

Remember to stay safe and look after yourself - you are worth it.


Written by our very own brand ambassador, Emma.