THE SKIN: Functions


This is the first in a series of regular  posts about various skin processes and skin conditions where I will give you a full run down on the what , why and how and offer some tips and advice on how you can assist/ prevent/reduce these issues. I thought it would only be right to start with the reason we are all here... The Skin.

The Skin is the largest Organ in the body and consists of three primary layers. 


Now each of them play a different role and have their  own system but a healthy skin needs all its components to  work in harmony to ensure it is functioning correctly. We tend to take the skins purpose for granted and overlook the importance of sustaining a healthy skin in order to survive

So what does the skin do? 

SENSATION: Nerve endings in the skin give you the ability to feel sensations by sending immediate signals to the brain , and react appropriately to unpleasant sensations such as heat, pain , injury but also enables us to feel the gentlest brush or the slightest touch.

PROTECTION: The Skin is made up of many components that aid in the protection of the body.

SUN DAMAGE : The production of melanin in the skin helps filter UV rays.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE :  Production of proteins such as  Keratin provide elasticity and structure to the skin and essentially the skin protects organs, Tissues and bones bones from damage .

INFECTION: The Skin acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria entering the body

TEMPERATURE CONTROL : This is a crucial function of the skin .Sweat glands are found in the DERMIS when the body becomes hot the skin releases sweat from the sweat glands to help cool you down. When the body becomes cold blood vessels will fill with blood to try  and increase body temperature.

SECRETION : The skin secretes a variety of products that are created in the Dermis . Sweat and sebum are the two main secretions . SEBUM is secreted by the eccrine glands In the dermal layer of the EPIDERMIS. many people may understand this as oil. People with oily skin have an excess in sebum secretions . Sebum is infact a lubricant for the skin and hair and prevents it from cracking and splitting

EXCRETION: Your body needs to get rid of the waste products. Some of these wastes can be excreted through the skin, such as urea, water, uric acid and ammonia. By exceeding these products the skin is essentially clearing the body of products that could breed a virus or infection .

ABSORPTION: Though the lungs are the first organ you think of in regards to breathing the skin actually breathes too. The Skin has the ability to absorb oxygen and nitrogen. The Skin responds to the amount of oxygen it is exposed to and this is visible in the colour and tone of the skin.

WATER RESISTANCE: The skin acts  as a barrier to water. This is important because it prevents your body from losing all those important  nutrients and minerals that it stores up. The outer skin is covered with oils and nutrients that form a natural barrier against water. This is why I’m such a promoter of not stripping the skin of its natural oils . They are so important to keep a healthy skin and body!


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